How To Use i2C i6 Programmer for Phone Screen Repair
i2C i6 intelligent programmer is designed for repairing iPhone screen true tone, Face ID, battery, earpiece receiver flex cable, headphone lightning cable, vibrator and fingerprint. Further more, i6 programmer is an IOS one-click jailbreak tool. The article shows how to use i2C i6 Programmer in detail.
The i2C i6 programmer comes with 8 different boards, as followings:
1: 7-11promax True Tone/photosensitive/Vibrator repair board
2: 12 Series Original screen True Tone repair board
3: Non-original screen True Tone repair board
4: Battery Repair Board
5: X-12ProMax Dot matrix detection board
6: Receiver flex cable detection board
7: Speaker/data cable detection board
8: Vibrator read and write board

So it can be used in the following scenarios.
8-13PM Original screen True Tone repair
8-13PM logical/base-band chip reads and writes
4-13/iPad battery data read and write and repair
X-12PM handset row detection and repair
6-12PM Query Bluetooth /WiFi code after jailbreak
6-13PM One click query mobile phone crash analysis

8-13PM Free computer without original screen repair True Tone
7-12PM Touch/light sensitive/ vibration repair
X-12PM dot matrix data reading and burning
One-click jailbreak on some IOS devices
One-click detection of headset data cable

How to use i6 programmer?

1. Screen True Tone repair
i6 programmer supports iPhone 7-12 Pro Max Screen True Tone repair: Exclusive support for 12 series original screen True Tone repair.
2. Non-original screen repair
It supports Non-original screen repair by connect the phone to the device and trust the authorization. The device automatically reads the phone's cover code, and click to restore the True Tone.
3.Battery repair
The item can be used for iPhone 5SE-13Pro Max Battery repair for battery health modification, cycle clearing, battery data reading, modification and burning.
4. Face ID Repair
You can use the i6 programmer for iPhone X-12ProMax Face ID repair, such as dot matrix data detection, reading, burning.

How to:
(1) Connected to the mobile phone can support face module data query, Cloud backup dot matrix data,never lost.
(2) Buckle the lattice module It can detect, read and burn lattice data.
(3) Button dot matrix module and connect mobile phone Module data query, cloud backup dot matrix data, burning operation.
5. iOS Device one-click Jailbreak.
i6 programmer is a free computer one key jailbreak tool, ans it can query Bluetooth /WiFi code, handset row detection, supporting A8-A11/iOS12.0-14.8 model.

Beside, it has built-in Bluetooth 4.2 channel and WiFi Speed 150Mbps integrated module, so you can connect WiFi to upgrade the latest firmware.
6. It's both a programmer and a small computer.
i6 programmer uses RK3308B special processor, ARM based quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A35 Core, main frequency 1.3GHz Integrated high performance Codec and Hardware VAD, directly supporting up to 8 channels analog MIC array and mining.
With Quad-core 64-bit high-performance processor, it achieves strong scalability and faster response.

More APP functions and small boards will be added indefinitely.

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