How To Choose Among AIXUN T420D T3A T3B Soldering Station
AIXUN T420D, AIXUN T3A and AIXUN T3B are ideal micro-soldering welding tools. What’s the difference among them? How to choose among them? The article will compare the three soldering tools and help you choose the right tools on Phonefix.

The three tools are good mini soldering stations for Phone motherboard BGA CPU IC soldering repair, but there are some differences as follows.

What’s the difference among them?
1. About Channel 
This AIXUN T420D station is a new style dual-channel soldering station, allowing for two handles to be used simultaneously. AIXUN T3A AIXUN T3B are single channel soldering station.
2. Additional Handle bracket/holder
The AIXUN T420D soldering iron holders are the same as the ones on the T3A and T3B but they come with an additional bracket/clip so you can hang your iron.

3. About Handle
AIXUN T420D has all three handles T210 T115 T245 soldering handles and iron tips, automatic identification of model and working status.
Aixun T3A has 936, T12, T245 three handles, automatic identification of handle model and working state.
4. About Screen Display and Temperature Range
AIXUN T420D: 4.8-inch color display, 100-450 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy induction (simultaneous dual-channel).

Aixun T3A: 2.4-inch color display, 100-480 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy.
5. Fast Heating
AIXUN T420D T3A T3B supports extremely fast heating and 2 seconds melting tin.

6. About Intelligent
All AIXUN T420D T3A T3B host have a built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high-temperature operation.

All of the three soldering station features automatic record of working time function, which allow s an automatic reminder of fatigue operation.

7. About Safety
AIXUN T420D soldering target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.

8. Same Function
Them have habit temperature self memory function, and support different channel temperature fast switching and knob adjustment.

All host have a built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high-temperature operation.

The three items can record of working time automatically as an automatic reminder of fatigue operation. With ultra-strong anti-static isolation design, they meet the industrial ESD standard.

How to choose among AIXUN T420D, AIXUN T3A, AIXUN T3B

Overall, now T420D probably the top in Chinese dual soldering stations, with a good price, and proven firmware support.
AIXUN T3B soldering station has smaller and more fine T210 and T115 welding handles, and AIXUN T3A soldering station has larger T245 T12 and 936 welding handles. T3A is much more suited for general purpose stuff then the t3b is. 

The T3A will run your T12 tips, the 210 and 115 tips are kind of limited (more expensive too), and aside from a slightly larger tip-to-grip distance, there's literally nothing you can't do with the 245 tips. 

T3A is the world's first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station. You can get super fine tips if you need them and you can get both the 245 and t12 handles. The t12 has super fine tips down to a mm or so.

If you already have a good selection of T12 tips, I'd say the T3A might be better for you.  
Moreover, the AIXUN T3B soldering station is a bit more stable than the AIXUN T3A soldering station, and the welding effect is better.

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