How to Fix iPhone 8 Rear Camera Doesn't Work
We received an iPhone 8 with a problematic rear camera. The rear camera of iPhone 8 does not work properly. When the camera is turned on, the phone displays a black screen. As we all know, the iPhone’s flashlight does not work, which may also cause the iPhone’s rear camera to not work. Now let us test the iPhone 8.

Turn on the iPhone flashlight, it's working, so it's not the problem of the iPhone flashlight.

Turn on the iPhone front camera; the iPhone front camera is working properly, so it's not the problem of the iPhone front camera.

Seems the iPhone back camera problem wasn't caused by external accessories, therefore, we need to check iPhone motherboard.

Disassemble the iPhone 8 with phone opening tools, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take off the iPhone motherboard.

Use UT139C Digital Multimeter to measure the iPhone rear camera connector, a circuit signal measured is 0L, which is abnormal, it's disconnected.

Put iPhone motherboard under a microscope, find the components that connected to it, and then use Bakon 950D Soldering Station to solder a jump wire.

Now use digital multimeter to measure the resistance value again, now the data measured is normal.

Assemble the iPhone 8, turn on the iPhone, and then test the iPhone rear camera, the iPhone 8 rear camera can be turned on smoothly, the camera function is working perfectly.

In this way, the rear camera of the iPhone 8 is repaired. If you can't fix it by yourself, you'd better go to the nearby Apple after-sales shop for repairs. There are other iPhone issues, please leave a comment in the comments.

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