How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Fingerprint Function Doesn't Work
Some iPhone users complain that the fingerprint unlocking function of iPhone 7P does not work. When the touch ID is invalid, the fingerprint cannot be used to enter the iPhone, which brings a lot of trouble to normal use. I tried to set up Touch ID on my iPhone, but I could not complete the setup or add my fingerprint. Please continue reading this article to learn about the troubleshooting and repair methods of Touch ID to make iPhone Touch ID work properly.

Power off the iPhone 7 Plus, use phonefix screwdriver to remove the screws next to the iPhone lightning port, put iPhone 7P on a Screen Separating Machine for heating, and then use LCD sucker to open the iPhone screen. Take off the iPhone display assembly.

Use tweezers to take out the iPhone 7P home button flex cable from the screen; we can see that the iPhone fingerprint flex cable is broken.

Use BGA removal blade to cut off the FPC connector cable, and then carefully to scratch the black glue on the cable, now we can see the circuit on the cable.

Take a new iMesa Touch ID Flex Cable, use BGA blade to cut off a bit of cable. Apply some solder paste to original iPhone fingerprint cable, and then place IMesa fingerprint flex cable to the original iPhone fingerprint cable, make sure the circuits are connected correctly.

Weld the connections of the two flex cables with a soldering iron, once done; use PCB cleaner to clean it. 

Apply some green UV oil to the connections of the two flex cables with tweezers, and then put it under a UV lamp light to solidify it.

Now apply some solder paste to the flex cable, and then use soldering iron to solder a jump wire from the both sides of the flex cable. Follow the original circuit marks to solder the jump wire one by one to connect both cables.

Once done, apply some green UV oil to cover those jump wires, and then use Qianli UV Light to solidify it.

Install the iPhone fingerprint flex cable to the screen, assemble the iPhone 7 Plus, and turn it on. Go to Settings, we can see that now the "Add a Fingerprint" displays normally. Click it, the fingerprint can be added properly, and the iPhone touch ID works perfectly.

Hope the above repair method is helpful to you. If you have other questions about the iPhone 7 Plus, please leave a message in the comments.

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