How to Fix iPhone 6 Camera and Flashlight Doesn't Working

Some iPhone users complained that their iPhone rear camera and flashlight can not be activated. We tried to restart the phone, but it didn't work this time, so we suspected it's caused by hardware failure. With this iPhone 6 camera not working case analysis, we will demonstrates a logic board repair technique that can definitely surprise you.

Based on our experience, this failure is generally due to a flashlight damage that causes the iPhone Rear Camera to fail to use. Therefore, we need to check iPhone flashlight first.

Use screwdriver to remove screws next to the iPhone lighting port, put it on the CPB screen separator, after heating for a while, we can easily open the iPhone display screen by sucker.

Remove the iPhone display screen, disconnect the iPhone battery, and the take off the iPhone motherboard.

Running ZXW V3.0 Online Account to login ZXW online account to check iPhone 6 schematic diagram, we can see that the iPhone flashlight power supply is outputted by U1602. In order to measure if the flashlight power supply normal or not, then we need to measure the U1602.

Measure the working voltage of the flashlight power supply IC U1602, the measured value is normal.

By analyzing the U1602 circuit diagram, we know that flashlight power supply IC is controlled by I2C Bus.

Attach the iPhone motherboard to the MJ A22 PCB Fixture, and then use hot air gun and tweezers to remove the iPhone flashlight power supply IC U1601. Next use digital multimeter to measure the diode data for the E2 Pin and D2 Pin I2C Bus solder pad.

This bus also connected to the iPhone rear camera connector, the diode data for the rear camera connector is normal, so we judged that the layer for iPhone flashlight power supply IC U1602 solder pad is disconnected.

We decided to solder a jump wire from the iPhone rear camera connector to the iPhone flashlight power supply IC U1602 solder pad, and then install the U1602 IC back to the motherboard.

Now measure the motherboard again, all data measured are normal. Install the iPhone 6, press the power button, the iPhone 6 is turned on smoothly. After entering the iOS system, test the iPhone flashlight function and iPhone camera function, they all work perfectly.

We hope that the above solutions can help you eliminate iPhone rear camera problem. If you have other ways to repair iPhone camera malfunctions, please leave a message in the comments.

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