Upgrade Cracked iPhone XS Max into iPhone 13 Pro Max
We have received a severely damaged iPhone XS Max and we will restore the phone and upgrade it to an iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone XS Max display screen and back cover damaged, touch screen is unresponsive, signal board deformed, and dot projector of the front camera module is also damaged. We will repair and upgrade it to a new iPhone 13 Pro Max.
The motherboard is in good condition but touch screen is unresponsive after detaching the broken screen. Connect the motherboard with a new screen, and turns on the phone.

Step 1: Replacing the Deformed Signal Board

The signal board is deformed when remove the motherboard. To fix the problem requires replacing the signal board.

First of all, remove the baseband CPU, EPROM, and NFC chip on the signal board under the 7-180X Stereo Microscope.
Reballing these three chips and solder them to a good signal board.

Step 2:  WiFi Unbinding

We need to remove the NAND to unbind the WiFi since the signal board is changed. Attach the NAND to the JC P11 NAND Programmer for WiFi unbinding and solder the NAND back on after unbinding.

Apply some solder paste to the bonding pads of the new signal board. Next, we use a JC heating platform to recombine the signal board with the logic board.
When we connect the screen to test, the phone turns on and the touch screen is working fine. The motherboard is restored and screen is working fine.

Step 3:  Remove Dot Projector of the Front Camera

The dot projector of the front camera module is also damaged. Then we need to move the flex cables of the infrared camera and dot projector to a new front camera module.

Grind to remove the infrared camera. Install the infrared camera to a new iPhone XS Max front camera module and secure it.

Remove the broken dot projector flex cable. 

Step 4: Read Original Data to a New Dot Projector

Then remove the dot projector module and read its data with JC Pro1000S Receiver. Write the data to a new flex cable. Before soldering the dot projector module, we need to remove the MOSFET and short pin 2 and 3.
Next, we solder the dot projector module to a new flex cable. Put the new dot projector flex cable back to the front camera module.

Use adhesive to align the flex able and fix it. After we have repaired the front camera module, we will restore the True Tone of the screen.

Step 5: Restore the True Tone of the Screen

Remove the earpiece flex cable from the broken screen and install it on a new screen. Read the screen data from the damaged screen and write the data to the new screen.
Read screen data from the damaged screen with JC V1S Programmer.

Step 6: Remove Parts in Damaged Back Cover

As the original back cover is severely damaged, we need to replace it with a specialized iPhone 13 Pro Max back cover glass replacement. 

Step 7: Move Parts to Back Cover and Test

Move parts of the damaged back housing to the new iPhone 13 Pro Max back cover glass replacement

The iPhone XS Max has been successfully restored and all functions are normal.

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