Top 4 Best Spot Welder for Beginners and Professionals of 2022 Reviews
Are you looking for the spot welder for both beginners and professionals? We Phonefix team have done a thorough reviews and found the top 4 Best Spot Welder Mechanic W08, QianLi, 3GOA and I2C DL-03S spot welder.

In the buying guide, we recommend Mechanic W08 Spot Welder as our top pick for professionals because of its best overall performance after we have also tested lots of equipment with prices ranging from $20 to $50. 

For more of our top picks, read on! Also, check out the differences among  Mechanic W08, QianLi, 3GOA, I2C DL-03S on how to choose the right spot welding equipment.

4 Best Battery Spot Welders of 2022

4  Spot Welders







Mechanic W08

Spot Welder
Short killer
Power bank

- 9600MAH 8 USB 5V
0.1-0.15mm $38.55
I2C DL-03S Spot Welder
Short killer
639A 5000mAh 5 USB 5V
0.1-0.15mm $28.99
3GOA Spot Welder 650A(MAX) 6700mAh 6 USB 5V
0.1-0.12mm $29.99
QianLi Spot Welder 650A(MAX) - 6 USB 4.2V 0.1-0.15mm $28.99

Mechanic W08 Spot Welder

3 in 1 Mechanic W08 Spot Welding Machine can be used as battery welding machine, burn-in artifact and power bank. 1-7 gear is designed for spot welding, and 8 gear is for Short killer.

Mechanic W08 portable spot welder uses a high-multiplier lithium battery as the power supply, and mainly used for welding of nickel sheets of cylindrical batteries.

This W08 DIY soldering machine can be used to solder the battery protection board when replacing the battery.

Mechanic W08 Mini Precision Spot Welder is suitable for precision welding of mobile phone electronic components, battery plate replacement, lithium battery nickel sheet, etc.

It can be used for the welding of 0.1-0.15MM iron or stainless steel sheets. The item has small size and large battery capacity is 9600MAH.

i2C DL-03 Spot Welder

i2C DL-03 battery spot welder is a spot welder and short killer 2 in 1 machine. With great wisdom 2 hours last full long endurance. DL-03 features overheating protection, safe and efficient.

i2C DL-03 1-second lock short circuit function suits for short circuit detection of mobile phones and computers, and single point welding pen is great for battery nickel chip spot welding.

3GOA Spot Welder

This 650A DIY soldering machine can be used to solder the battery protection board when replacing the battery. The 3GOA spot welder has 6 adjustable gears power for precise welding during battery repair.

3GOA Welding Machine is equipped with power management and software design, and it will not reset and non-return-to-zero while welding, which is very convenient for technician.

This welder has a sign light so you can clearly know about the state of the machine .

QianLi Macaron Spot Welder

The QianLi Macaron Spot Welding Machine is needed to spot weld a new replacement flex on a replacement battery for iPhone 11/ 12. This enables you to use tools like QianLi Copy Power and transfer the flex with data to a new battery cell.

It supports 0.1-0.15mm nickle sheet spot welding during the whole process save your time and effort. The spot welder suits for 18650 and other cylindrical lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, etc.

The QianLi Macron Spot Welding Machine comes complete with 3 holding fixtures which allow you to work with the flex cables on batteries for iPhone 11 and 12 series.


Spot welding is a very particular skill, and it only makes sense that you get yourself a very particular machine too.

If you need more function, check out Mechanic W08 Precision Spot Welder.

If you’re looking for a machine mainly used for welding of nickel sheets of cylindrical batteries such as 18650, you should look at the 3GOA Mini Spot Welder.

If you need Repair iPhone 11-12 Pro Max battery, check out the QianLi Macaron Mini Spot Welding Machine.

If you need to a 2 in 1 Spot Welder-Short Killer Machine, then the I2C DL-03S Mini Spot Welder is perfect for you.

Whatever your choice, be sure to carefully look over every spot welder to ensure you get the right bang for your buck.

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