The Ultimate Solution of iPhone X Face ID Not Working on IOS 14
As a facial-recognition technology initially launched on iPhone X, Face ID has been applied to latest iPhones, including iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. However, after the emergence of iOS 14, users feedback that their Face ID not working on new iPhone 12 or old iPhone. Now, China Phonefix Team will share you the ultimate solution with JC V1S dot projector board with jc dot matrix flex cable.

First, what is the general reason of the face damage?

1. Switch screens. Many people can easily break the cable when they change the screen. If the receiver cable is broken, directly replace the front cable can be repaired.

2. Water and damp. This is mainly caused by the short circuit of the facial dot matrix inductor.

3. Getting your phone dropped.

A photo of the front wiring of the iPhone X after it was flooded

It can be seen from the photo that the surrounding area has been corroded. The damaged dot matrix projector caused the Face ID to move up and down. Settings - general - face ID and password, the system prompts a little higher and a little lower, turn on the iPhone front camera portrait mode, the background is not blurred.

This indicates that the dot matrix projector or its associated circuitry may fail. You can use JC V1S to repair.

Why is it so easy to break?

Let's talk about the configuration of the dot matrix projector.

Disassemble the prism inside the dot-matrix projector and then you can see the structure inside. Apple does well in industrial design, why not seal glue here?

The chips inside is responsible for storage, and the yellow part has a similar function to the projector. It's got thousands and thousands of points, and that's where the infrared is coming from. If water gets in, a short circuit in the power supply will disable facial recognition.

According to the results of the disassembly, Face ID's key flex cable is exposed. So if the phone is in water or humid air, it can leak electricity or short circuit, making Face recognition not available. And since Face ID components are mostly made of glass, it's also easy to disable facial recognition if you drop them.

Finally, how to fix the problem of mobile phone face?

Step 1: Untie face ID with the mobile phone and let the mobile phone enter the DFU mode.

Step 2: Remove the JC dot matrix flex cable, and replace the memory chip on the old projector with the new one.

During this operation, the whole process is operated on Trinocular Stereo Microscope. After implantation, re-bind the mobile phone through the device by V1S.

I have to say, it's really difficult to maintain. Finally, the issue that everyone is most concerned about is the price issue. The price of Apple X Face Repair is $54, and other models will be slightly more expensive.


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