Review: The Most Popular Phone Repair Tools In 2020
2021 is just around the corner, and on the last day of 2020, let's review some of the most popular phone repair tools of the year. If you want to continue to develop your mobile phone repair business, you'd better take a look at these popular and useful phone fix tools, which can give you a lot of help. The most popular phone repair tools include phone disassembly tools, unlock tools, soldering tools, measuring tools, screen refurbishment repair tools, microscopes and so on.

1. Suction Cup

Suction Cup is for disassembling a cell phone, touching the suction cup to the phone screen and back cover, then using a little force so that the phone screen can be separated from the back cover so that we can open the phone and remove the screen, battery, motherboard or other parts. This suction cup is very popular, because its quality is good, easy to use and cheap.

2. iRepair P10 Box

iRepair P10 box is a nand flash programmer for iPhone iPad, its biggest advantage is that you can read and write the iPhone/iPad Nand flash without disassembling, which can save time and protect the iPhone/iPad.

Because it can program iPad Nand flash, so it can be used to unlock the iPad by writing the right iPad SN information, this is one of the important reasons why it is so popular.

3. SUGON T26 Soldering Station

SUGON T26 soldering station is used to solder the BGA IC components on the motherboard, and it uses JBC soldering iron tips, that's why it's so popular.

As we know, the original JBC solder station is expensive, because the quality is good, people love JBC soldering iron tips. However, JBC solder iron tips can't be used at other solder stations. Since the release of T26, this issue has been resolved because T26 is using JBC iron tips. Sugon T26 has good quality, and it can use original JBC soldering iron tips, most importantly, it has an affordable price.

4. Fonekong Shortkiller

Fonekong shortkiller is used to detect the phone motherboard short circuit issue, it helps the technician to judge the current interruption of the main board accurately and quickly, that's why it's so popular.

5. CPB Screen Separator

Sunshine S-918E CPB screen separator is used to heat the phone LCD touch screen,make removing the screen simple, fast and safe. It can be used for mobile phone repair, screen replacement, disassembly of mobile phones and so on. CPB screen separator It's a screen pre-heat tool and a basic tool for phone repair.

6. Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Trinocular stereo microscope is one of the necessary equipment for micro-welding, whether it's a motherboard repair or a repair and replacement of other fine components, tiny parts, all of this requires the help of a microscope. Trinocular stereo microscope is one of the basic and necessary tools of professional mobile phone repair shops.

As per the practical experience we had, all those mobile phone repair tools we have mentioned are pretty good compared to other random options. Please let us know if you know better tools.

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