How to Fix iPhone 8 Broken Back Glass
Some customers complained that his iPhone 8 broke the glass back cover, which brought him uncomfortable use. We received the iPhone 8 and found that the glass of the back cover was broken. Continued use may hurt the user's hand, so we have to replace the glass back cover. In this article, we introduce how to replace the rear glass cover of iPhone 8 step by step.

Before we are going to replace it, we need to prepare some phone fix tools:

- WL Aluminum Alloy Pad

- Mini IC Grinding Machine

- Anti Static Gloves

- Screen Separator

- QUICK 861DW hot air rework station

- Metal blade shovel

- iPhone 8 back class

- TU-109 pliers cutter

Now, we are going to replace it.

Step 1

The iPhone 8 back glass is cracked, turn on iPhone 8 to test the functions.

Press the iPhone power button, the iPhone 8 can be turned on smoothly. Get into iOS, test the functions of the iPhone 8, such as the touch screen function, 3D touch function, camera function, WIFI function, calling function and so on, all works properly.

Power off the iPhone 8.

Step 2

Put the iPhone 8 face down on the MT-M2 Screen Separator (the iPhone touch screen contacts the screen separator), and then set the temperature of the screen separator is as same as to the room temperature.

Step 3

Turn on the screen separator to extract the air, and then use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station at 240 degrees to heat the cracked area of the iPhone back glass.

At the same time, use metal blade shovel to remove the iPhone 8 back glass from the mid-frame.

During this process, we have to know that we should keep the metal blade shovel away from the injection molding area of the mid-frame.

Step 4

After removing the back glass, use soft brush to clean up the glass that remaining on the iPhone 8 and screen separator.

Now use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station and metal blade shovel to remove the residual glue on the mid-frame.

Step 5

Take a new iPhone 8 back glass and apply it the on back of the iPhone 8,because we don't remove the iPhone holder ring of the iPhone rear camera, so the new back glass is not suitable for iPhone 8, we need to remove the holder ring.

Apply some high temperature resistant tapes to the areas that around the iPhone rear camera and then use mini IC grinding machine to grinding the holder ring of the iPhone rear camera.

During this process, please wear the anti-static gloves to keep your safe, and please keep the grinding machine away from the iPhone rear camera to avoid damaging the camera.

Step 6

Once finish the grinding, use TU-109 Pliers Cutter to remove the holder ring from the iPhone rear camera, and then remove the high temperature resistant tapes.

Step 7

Put the new iPhone 8 back glass in the right position, now the back glass matches the iPhone 8 perfectly.

Take out the new iPhone back glass, and then apply some specialized back glass glue to the mid-frame, and then install the new back glass in the right position, press it gently to make it laminate.

Step 8

Take a new iPhone 8 rear camera holder ring, grinding the inside diameter of the holder ring by mini IC grinding tool, so we can put install it easily.

Apply some glue to the area that around the iPhone rear camera, put camera holder ring in the right position, and then install it, laminate it with the proper strength.

During this process, please be careful to not scratch or damage the iPhone rear camera.

Step 9

Clean up the iPhone 8, check the condition of the back glass and iPhone, they laminated perfectly.

Power on iPhone, and test the all functions of the iPhone 8, all works properly.

But still not done yet, we need to clip the four sides of the iPhone with clip fixture until the glue solidifies.

Hope the repair method in this article is helpful to you. If you have any other iPhone-related questions, please leave a message in the comments.

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