Buy 2021 Best Webcams for Online Live Stream Meeting
If you don’t already have a laptop with a built-in webcam or the one on your laptop isn’t very good — you might need a standalone webcam offering more features and higher resolutions for Youtube online live steaming, calls with friends and video conferencing meetings.

It’s even more important getting a great webcam if you have specific needs, whether it’s for daily remote meetings, catching up regularly with friends and family, or live streaming on Twitch. And, to help you, we’ve gathered our top picks in this guide so that whoever’s on the other end of your call or stream can see you properly.

1. Phonefix 2.0MP HDMI Live Stream Camera

The 2.0MP HDMI Live Streamhas been one of the best webcams on the market since its release, consistently beating out rival products that promise more affordability or better performance – and for good reason.

HDMI Video Live Stream Camera is a beloved favorite across the entire spectrum of streamers, content creators, and office professionals alike, and when cost, quality, and performance are all calculated. Equipped with 6-12mm 1/1.8" F/1.6 C-Mount Fixed Focus CCTV Varifocal Lens for Live Broadcast, it is one of the best everyday webcams you can buy, and there is totally no image distortion after output.

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2. 1080P Varifocal USB Webcam

With crisp 1080p HD resolution and fantastic lighting and color detection at an affordable price, this fan-favorite webcam hits a spot in the market that struggles to see any substantial competition and is still one of the best performing webcams on the market today.

Used Highly advanced Sony IMX322 Sensor, the webcam equipped with 2.8-12mm lens, 5-50mm lens, 4mm lens, 6mm lens, 8mm lens for choice, so it is applicable for automobile data recorder. Project video capture,  credit card machine, attendance machine, Voting system, surveillance, endoscope, Medical auxiliary equipment, etc. 

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3. 1080P HD 120fps PC Webcam USB Camera for Skype Video Calling Recording

It isn’t the most attractive webcam, but the webcam isn’t really designed to be attractive. Instead, it’s made for business conferencing and presentations, with its 1080p recording, 720p live video calling and wideband mic to deliver crystal clear sound. This is a serious peripheral – one that requires a powerful PC for max settings – but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking bells and whistles. 

If you want to use camera in less than 5m distance for example, teaching, Youtube online live steaming, video conference, you can choose camera with 2.8-12mm lens; If you want to use camera in more than 5m distance, suggest you use camera with 5-50mm lens; If you want to capture very small object in near distance, 5-50 mm lens is also available.

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In conclusion, these webcam not only also comes with a high resolution for a clear image, but a quick frame rate for smooth looking video, and a top-notch sensor for low light situations, as well. Picture quality aside, the build quality is excellent, and its stand lets you easily mount it on your monitor, or attach it to a Bracket Stand.

Buying the best webcam might get a little expensive, particularly compared to some of the cheaper options available on Amazon or eBay. However, it is worthy as along as it ends up with an suferior product that come with its satisfying resolution. 

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